The goal of this release was to capture the rebellious spirit that lies in each of us. I’ve felt like an outsider more times than I care to mention in the world of Youtube, I have few friends there and they’ve been chosen carefully. In many ways I’m like the black sheep of this world and I’m ok with that because I made the choice to do things a certain way. We all have our own vultures waiting for us to fall. It could be for any reason, even just because you’re simply different and people will always fear what’s different. This collection seeks to express that being yourself isn’t going away, that your rebellious spirit should be worn boldly.

Take the Road Less Traveled:
There used to be this idea that through hard work and blazing your own path you could achieve anything you wanted. I believe this concept has become pretty watered down. It seems now that success is simply based on popularity and a lot of people believe that the world will just be handed to them. Unfortunately, foregoing the process of working your butt off to build yourself from the ground up shapes the person you become. My Dad once told me that the right way will never be the easy way. Take the road less traveled! It’s by no means easy, but those who take it truly appreciate the journey, much more so than those who would have just had it handed to them.

Rebel with a Cause:
When I think of Rebels I think of the few who have done things their way. People like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and a young George Lucas. I’ve felt like a rebel my whole life, I have always had to do things my way and when someone told me I couldn’t, I did it anyway. I remember once in college one of my professors told me I couldn’t edit while listening to music. I was self taught and this is how I did things, so I took my headphones off and said “Who says I can’t?” She was taken aback by this and told me I wouldn’t receive a grade if I kept doing it because it wasn’t the proper way. I did it anyway and got an “A” on the project. Did that happen all the time? Heck no! But point in case don’t follow others blindly.

Rise and Rise Again:
You will get knocked down over and over again in life. I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve hit rock bottom only to have to get back up and start again. It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how you get back up. 

I truly believe there is such a thing as Karma. Strive to be the freaking nicest person you can possibly be. True wealth is not related to how much money you have in the bank, I think it’s measured by how many people show up to see you in the end.

Ninja Scream:
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will forever be my original rebels. 

We Make East:
There’s a funny story about this video, I shot it three different times before getting the final one right. It kept failing and originally I decided to just forget about it. Months later I found the script in my phone and decided to give it one last shot. It turned out to be one of my favorite videos simply because I didn’t give up on it. Film, much like any other profession, is not easy and you will fail countless times but do not give up on a idea that you think is good. Even if you try a hundred times, keep on going until your happy. ELLIOT!

I hope you guys like the new apparel! Months and months were spent on this and it’s always fun to see a project cross the finish line. :)